The Gary Waite Junior Squash Tour

Is a series of one day tournaments hosted by squash clubs within and surrounding our region. The grand prix point format encourages kids to travel around the region to compete in tournaments toward accumulating tour points. This tour provides kids the opportunity to develop their skills locally and progress towards Squash Ontario Silver events held throughout Ontario.

"Friends" • "Fun" • "Fitness"

The purpose of the Gary Waite Junior Squash Tour is to provide exposure and add profile to the sport of squash through one day junior events hosted in and surrounding the South Western Ontario Region.

Tour Divisions

Divisions include 10 & Under, 11–13 and 14 & Over. Players will finish the season in the age division they start in (that is, even if they start in the 11–13 division and turn 14, they will finish in the 11–13 division). Age divisions may be further split into girls’ and boys’ draws where applicable. Tour prizes will be awarded at the end of the season to the overall male and female winners as well as second place overall.

2017 Schedule

Current Tournament Standings

The Point System

The Gary Waite Junior Squash Tour wishes to reward both participation and skill development.

A player’s points will accumulate as they participate in multiple events.

The overall tour results are based on a player’s 5 highest point totals from each event in which they participated. Individual tour prizes will be awarded to the top male and female player in each division, plus the player with the second highest points in each age category. Prizes will not be awarded if the top ranked player has not played in 4 or more events. Players who have not placed but have attended all 6 events will be placed in a prize draw.

Points Rewarded

1st: 620pts
2nd: 570pts
3rd: 530pts
4th: 500pts
5th: 470pts
6th: 450pts
7th: 430pts
8th: 410pts
9th: 390pts
10th: 370pts
11th: 350pts
12th: 330pts
13th: 310pts
14th: 290pts
15th: 270pts
16th: 250pts
17th: 240pts
18th: 230pts
19th: 220pts
20th: 210pts

* If positions are not played to to insufficient court time points will be distributed evenly.

** For draws larger than 20 players, a minimum 200 points will be allotted to players finishing outside of the top 20.

Gary Waite

Gary Waite hails from Sarnia Ontario. After having been exposed to squash by his parents Lewis and Janet at the age of 12, Gary came under the care of Jack Clift and his weekend junior squash program and became part of a burgeoning junior squash movement in the area inundating courts at Pinsonneault’s and the Sarnia Riding Club for years to come.

Through the tireless efforts of Jack, Lew, Janet and so many other parents at the time Sarnia could lay claim to a National Champion in every age group. Through the added generosity and guidance of Jack Fairs and the team at Western, Gary garnered more titles than any other junior squash player in the history of Canadian squash. He would continue this trend into the professional ranks to become one of the most decorated professional squash players in the history of the game worldwide. In 1993, while attending Harvard University, Gary could lay claim to being the #1 hardball singles player, #2 hardball doubles player and #12 softball singles player in the World…a feat in combined rankings not achieved by any player in the history of any of the three disciplines.

Gary put on hold his professional squash playing aspirations with the impending birth of his fifth child with his beautiful wife Nathalie. His current commitment to the game is in the development of an infrastructure for the game of hardball doubles in North America. The project is a US Squash endorsed effort named The Elmaleh Project after its benefactor Mr Victor Elmaleh.